Links and Resources

Australian Government - Weeds in Australia

Australian Government website hosting many links to further information about weeds, weed identification, weed management, and how can you help. Last updated 2015.

DEPI VIC - Weeds

Webpage containing links to A-Z of weeds, Invasive plant classifications, Invasive plant management, and Weed spotters.

DPI NSW - Weed control in winter crops

Webpage containing link to Weed control in Winter Crops (2014).

DPI NSW - Weed publications

Comphrehensive webpage with links to factsheets, newsletters, posters, traning resources, weed identification, and weed management.

GRDC - Brome and barley grass management in cropping systems of southern Australia

A paper investigating brome and barley grass management in cropping systems of southern Australia. 4 page PDF. Published 2012.

GRDC - Integrated weed management hub

Webpage containing links to herbicide resistance, agronomy, managing weed seedbank and seedlings, stopping weed seed set, managing weeds at harvest, managing farm hygeine, common weeds of cropping, cast studies, and integrated weed management manual, along with links to further information.

GRDC - Summer weed control

4 page PDF for the Southern Region, key points, summer rain value, weed control, stubble, grazing and cultivcation effect, frequently asked questions, and links to further information.

GRDC - Using crop competition for weed control in barley and wheat

Webpage by GRDC on using crop competition foe weed control in barley and wheat. Experiments were carried out in South Australia. Published 2015.

GRDC - Weeds Ute Guide

The Ute Guide for Weeds contains concise information on the common weeds of cropping systems.

NSW DPI - Weedwise.

NSW Weedwise. Over 300 noxious and environmental weeds, with accompanying high quality images. 

PIRSA - Weeds and Pest Animals in South Australia

A comphrehensive webpage containing apps and links to further information. Last updated 2015.


Weeds Australia - National initiative

Comprehensive website offering identification tools, Australian Weeds Strategy, training materials, information, noxious weeds list, management information, and links to state and territory contacts.