Rutherglen bug

Constraint - Rutherglen bug


  • Winged insect, native to Australia

  • Adults are three-four mm long, with mottled grey/brown/black colouring

  • Nymphs are wingless, reddish brown, with a pear shaped body


  • Damage is usually confined to field margins/patches within the crop

  • Adults and nymphs feed on growing tips, buds, flowers, pods, and seeds


  • Seedlings can be killed by sheer feeding pressure, and grain yield reduced

  • RGB can raise the moisture content of the seed to above acceptable standard

  • RGB feeding can also affect oil uqantitiy/quality, seed viability, and seed set


Seed treatment will not protect seedlings against extreme feeding pressure. Control of summer-autumn weeds, ploughing a deep furrow between weeds and the crop, application of inseccticide, and allowing RGB to escape from open bins to reduce numbers in deliveries can all be effective management strategies.

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