Russian wheat aphid

Constraint – Russian wheat aphid


  • Russian wheat aphid is a 2 mm long, slender bodied aphid

  • It is usually covered in a waxy white coating, and varies in colour from pale yellowish-green to grey-green


  • Leaves infested with Russian wheat aphid develop continuous white, yellowish and red  streaks along the length of leaf


  • Toxins injected by the aphid during feeding destroy chlorophyll and prevent carbohydrate formation, with heavy infestations killing the plant 

  • If not controlled Russian wheat aphid can cause up to 80% yield loss in wheat 


Russian wheat aphid has not yet been found in Australia, but poses a major threat to the Australian grains industry. The global distribution of Russian wheat aphid continues to expand, aided by the ease of international travel.

Links and Resources

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I Spy Manual - Russian wheat aphid

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