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Rutherglen bug

Constraint - Ruthergen bug


  • Rutherglen bug is a winged insect, native to Australia

  • Adults are three-four mm long, with mottled grey/brown/black colouring

  • Nymphs are wingless, reddish brown, with a pear shaped body


  • Damage is usually confined to field margins/patches with the crop

  • Adults and nymphs feed on growing tips, buds, flowers, pods/seed

  • Flower abortion and reduced pod set can occur

  • RGB feeding on developing seed affects oil quantity/quality, seed viability, and seed set


  • Infestations can be prolonged

  • Seedlings can be killed by sheer feeding pressure, and grain yield reduced

  • RGB can raise the moisture content of the seed to above acceptable standard


Seed treatment will not protect seedlings against extreme feeding pressure. Control of summer-autumn weeds around field edges and in fallows, ploughing a deep furrow between weeds and the crop, allowing RGB to escape from open bins to reduce numbers in deliveries can all be effective management strategies. Repeated influxes of migrating adults can make repeat applications of insecticde necessary, which can severely disrupt beneficial predators. Spot spraying can often be most beneficial if insecticide is needed. 


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