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Native budworm


Links and Resources

AOF - Insect pests of canola. Redlegged earth mite

Page 5 of 6. Introduction, migration, feeding habits, damage, and management.

DAFWA - Identification of pests of canola. Native budworm

Pages 22 and 23. Description, lifecycle, damage, and control. Published 2005.

DEPI VIC - Native budworm

Importance, description, distinguishing features, biology, damage, sampling, detection, and control. Published 1995, updated 2011.

GRDC - Best Practice Management Guide. Native budworm

Pages 56-57 of 92. Damage, factors that increase predation, monitoring, appearance, and control. Published 2009.

NIPI - Redlegged earth mite

Information on finding insects and management, monitoring and recording, conserving beneficial insects, thresholds, pesticides, control, multi pest considerations, and communication around management. Published 2014.

PIRSA DAFWA & CESAR - I Spy Manual. Native budworm

Section 4, pages 11-12. Description/distinguishing characteristics, confused with/similar to, distribution, pest status, risk period, host range, damage, monitoring, sampling, and management. Published 2012.