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False wireworms

Constraint – False wireworms

There are 4 groups (genera) of false wireworms:

  • Eastern false wireworm (Pterohelaeus spp.)

  • Southern false wireworm (Gonocephalum spp.)

  • Grey false wireworm (Isopteron punctatissimus)

  • Bronzed field beetle (Adelium brevicorne) 


  • Larvae are all worm like in appearance, ranging in size from 10-50 mm

  • The adult form is that of a beetle, ranging in size from 8-12mm in length


  • Wireworm larvae commonly 'ring-bark' young seedlings at the soil surface, finally chewing them off or leaving them severely weakened

  • Adult beetles may also chew off seedlings of spring-sown summer crops at ground level


  • Canola is particularly susceptible to seedling loss caused by false wireworms

  • Yield penalty can be severe if populations are large


Wireworms can only be controlled if they are detected before sowing, as there are no effectide post-sowing treatments. Insecticide can be applied to the soil with fertiliser, or as a seed dressing at sowing. Weed-free paddocks and cultivation over summer may reduce adult numbers by exposing them to hot dry conditions, thus preventing population build-ups. 


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