Sulfur deficiency

Constraint – Sulphur 

Plant use

  • Sulphur is a macronutrient
  • Sulphur is involved in the formation of several amino acids, proteins, and vitamins and for chlorophyll production
  • It also helps the plant to resist stress from weather, insects and diseases


  • Plants appear stunted and spindly
  • Small, pale, yellow-green leaves with lighter coloured veins
  • Young leaves are affected first


Yield penalty can occur if left untreated


A soil test or a plant tissue test should be used to confirm sulphur deficiency. Application of a suitable amount of sulphur based fertiliser is normally sufficient to correct deficiencies.




Links and Resources

PDF DEPI VIC - A Nutrient Review of Sulfur in Wheat

15 page PDF. 'Sulfur as a nutrient for agricultural crops in Southern Australia'. Extensive nutrient review. Written 2013.

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DEPI VIC - What nutrients do plants require? Sulfur

6.3.4. Plant uses, deficiency symptoms, the sulfur cycle, and forms of sulfur. Page last updated 2013.

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SARDI - Nutrition Management in Broadacre Cropping. Sulfur

5 page PDF. Information on macronutrients, micronutrients, deficiency symptoms, and management.

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