Copper deficiency

Constraint - Copper

Plant use

  • Copper is a micronutrient

  • Copper is required for the formation of enzymes for chlorophyll production and nutrient processing, and for water and oxygen exchange

  • Plant deficiencies are rare


  • Are non-specific, though dieback in young leaves is common


  •  Yield penalties are rare


A soil test or a plant tissue test should be used to confirm copper deficiency. Application of a small amount of copper based fertiliser every 3-6 years is sufficient for deficient soils.

Links and Resources

PDF DEPI - A Nutrient Review of Copper in Wheat

14 page PDF. Copper as a nutrient for agricultural crops in Southern Australia. Extensive nutrient review. Written 2013.

File size: 150kb
DEPI VIC - What nutrients do plants require? Copper

6.4.2. Copper. Plant uses of copper, deficiency symptoms in plants, animal health implications, and management.

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SARDI - Nutrition Management in Broadacre Cropping. Copper

5 page PDF. Information on macronutrients, micronutrients, deficiency symptoms, and management.

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