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Constraint – Molybdenum 

Plant use

  • Molybdenum is the least available micronutrient

  • Molybdenum forms an essential element in nitrogen fixing enzymes, as well as being directly involved in nitrogen metabolism and the electron transfer system


  • Stunted pale plants

  •  More common on acidic sandy soils

  • Tissue between veins of older leaves becomes paler green with scattered white dead spots that expand as deficiency worsens

  • Leaf margins are frequently brown and "scorched"

  • Limited response to nitrogen fertiliser


  • Yield penalty is generally not significant


There is no relaible soil test for molybdenum. Maintenance of soil pH above 5.5 will act to increase the available molybdenum in the soil, as well as application of 50-60 g Mo/ha every 5-7 years on responsive soils. A foliar spray can be effective for the current season, as can a seed treatment. 

Links and Resources

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DEPI VIC - What nutrients do plants require? Molybdenum

Section 6.4.1. Molybdenum as an essential trace element, deficiency symptoms, soils most at risk, animal health implications, and management. Page last updated 2013.

GRDC - Best Practice Management Guide. Molybdenum

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GRDC - Micronutrients and trace elements. Molybdenum

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IPNI - Canola 4R Guide. Molybdenum

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