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Constraint – Calcium

Plant use

  • Calcium is a macronutrient involved in the proper functioning of growing points and maintaining strong cell walls

  • Deficiency symptoms are rare because calcium is common in soil, and is a component of many fertiliser and soil amendment products


  • Calcium deficiency ('wither top' or 'tipple topple') is occasionally seen in canola at stem extension

  • The incidence is normally patchy within a paddock

  • The flowering stalk collapses causing withering and death of the flower head

  • Tends to be worse on shallow acidic soils and in wetter areas with high spring rainfall

  • Some varieties appear to be more susceptible than others  


  • The plant often recovers, so it is considered to be of little economic significance


A soil test to determine how deficient the soil is, and the application of an appropriate amount of lime, is usually sufficient to correct the deficiency.

Links and Resources

AOF - Canola nutrition. Calcium

Page 5 of 8 contains information on calcium deficiency, contributing factors, plant symptoms, and fertiliser recommendations.

DAFWA - Diagnosing calcium deficiency in canola

Introduction, what to look for in paddock and on plant, and what else it could be. Page last updated 2014.

DEPI VIC - What nutrients do plants require? Calcium

Section 6.3.5. Calcium use by plants, and animal health implications of deficiency. Page last updated 2013.

DPI NSW - Soil acidity and liming. Calcium

Pages 14 and 15 of 24 contain specific information on calcium. Impacts of soil acidity, recognising soil acidity, causes, reduction in production, reducing impact, management, estimating rates of soil acidification, and further information. Published 2005.

GRDC - Best Practice Management Guide. Calcium

Page 37 of 92. General information on calcium deficiency. Published 2009.

GRDC - Focus on calcium

Information on take home messages, roles of calcium, calcium as a plant nutrient, soil supply of calcium, cation interactions, and sources of calcium. Published 2013.

IPNI - Canola & nutrient deficiencies. Calcium

Page 9 of 18. Brief information on symptoms and causes. Written 2011.

IPNI - Canola 4R Guide. Calcium

Page 16 of 21. General information on calcium and symptoms of calcium deficiency. Published 2013.