Stem rust

Stem Rust


  • Stem rust is an occasional, but devastating disease of wheat

  • Conditions that produce an outbreak are rare

  • Stem rust can olny survive on a living host


  • Stem rust is characterised by reddish-brown, powdery, oblong pustules in leaves, stems, and glumes

  • As the plant matures, the pustules produce black spores known as teliospores

  • They occur mainly on the leaf sheaths and stem


  • Severe stem rust infections that develop on susceptible varities before flowering can cause crop losses of 50%

  • Grain quality can also be reduced


Stem rust can be managed using an integrated approach. This includes reducing the inoculum present in a district by managing the green bridge, avoiding susceptible cultivars and close monitoring to enable timely fungicide sprays. Sowing resistant varieties provides the best protection against stem rust. 




Links and Resources

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