Stripe Rust

Stripe rust


  • Stripe rust is one of the most important foliar diseases of wheat in southern Australia

  • Stripe rust can only survive on a living host


  • Stripe rust causes characteristic raised yellow stripes of pustules that can be wiped off

  • Characteristic 'hot spots' are infected areas of plants, 1-10 meters in diameter, which are generally well developed just before the disease becomes widespread in the crop


  • When susceptible and very susceptible varieties are grown, stripe rust is likely to cause annual average losses of up to 50 per cent with individual crop losses much higher

  • Grain quality is also affected


Removal of volunteer wheat plants in the 6 weeks prior to sowing will greatly reduce the amount of inoculum present and avoidance of Very Susceptible and Susceptible varieties by selecting the most resistant varieties possible will generally be enough to control this disease. Using a seed or fertiliser fungicide treatment to suppress early infection, and applyication of a foliar fungicide early in the epidemic, if required are also useful management strategies. Effective fungicides for controlling stripe rust are available; but should be regarded as a support, and not a substitute, for growing resistant varieties.

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