Broad disease constraint resources are outlined in the Agronomists Toolkit. Specific disease categories are listed below:


Damping off

Constraint - Damping off 


  • Damping-off is usually caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani

  • Damage is caused when conditions are not ideal for early seedling growth

  • Damping-off fungi are soil-borne and survive in the soil in resistant structures when no host is present


  • Symptoms occur in patches that can spread quickly during cold wet conditions

  • Plants fail to emerge (pre-emergence rot)

  • Plants emerge and collapse at ground level (post-emergence damping-off), with discoloured leaves and sometimes a shrivelled tap root 

  • Surviving plants are normally stunted and may flower and mature prematurely


  • Yield loss is unusual unless plant numbers are severely reduced 

  • If seedling loss is uniform through the crop, the surviving plants will often compensate

  • If seedling loss is patchy and very severe, areas may have to be resown

  • Once past the seedling stage canola plants are not adversely affected by damping-off


Soil tillage after the autumn break will control the various fungi species by destroying thier filaments in the soil. Application of a seed fungicide treatment at sowing can also reduce damping-off damage.

Links and Resources

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DEPI VIC - Identification and management of field crop diseases in Victoria. Damping off

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Victorian winter crop summary 2014 - Damping off

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