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Alternaria leaf and pod spot

Constraint - Alternaria leaf and pod spot


  • Alternaria is usually caused by the fungal pathogen Alternaria brassicae 

  • Severity varies between years and locations depending on seasonal conditions

  •  If infected seed is sown, seedling blight may occur 


  • Alternaria infects all growth stages of canola plants, however plants from mid flowering onwards are most susceptible 

  • Spots develop on leaves, pods, and stems, and are brown, black, or greyish white with a dark border

  • Lesions on green leaves are often surrounded by a chlorotic halo

  • Severe pod infections may cause seed to shrivel and pods to prematurely ripen and shatter


  • Yield loss is unusual and is normally associated with the shattering of infected pods

  • Seedling blight from using infected seed may also reduce yield


Alternaria is very common in canola crops but is not usually severe enough to warrant control. In Australia, there are no registered fungicide seed treatments for alternaria. Controlling grass weeds, removal of infected canola stubble, sourcing of clean disease free seed, and ensuring that canola is far removed from last years canola stubble if alternaria was present are all ways to reduce the risk of alternaria occurence. 



Links and Resources

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