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Constraint - Shattering


  • A ripe standing crop of canola has shattered pods and seed loss
  • Damage follows wind/storms


  • If left too long in a ripe standing condition, seed loss can be great


Canola pod development can last over 3–5 weeks, with variable maturity, meaning that lower pods mature before higher ones. Windrowing canola 8-10 days before the seed is fully mature hastens the maturity of the crop, allowing the top pods to be harvested at the same time as the lower pods, and minimises shattering losses. The crop should be windrowed when 40-60 per cent of the seeds have changed from green to red-brown-black and are firm enough to roll between the fingers without squashing.

Links and Resources

DEPI VIC - Growing canola. Shattering

Information on all aspects of growing canola. Information on harvesting and shattering comprises a paragraph under the heading 'cropping requirements'. Published 2000.

GRDC - Best Practice Management Guide. Shattering

Harvesting to minimise risk of shatter, advantages of windrowing, and when to windrow. Pages 77-78. Published 2009.