Broad constraint resources are outlined in the Agronomists Toolkit. Specific constraint categories are listed below:


Group F herbicide damage

Constraint - Group F herbicide damage


  • Direct spray damage is uniformly distributed

  •  Emerging seedlings have variably bleached cotyledons and pink hypocotyl and petioles

  • Plants have pale green/yellow/white mottles and blotches on sprayed leaves

  • Severely affected plants are stunted with cupped leaves and reddish growing point and emerging leaves


  • Plants will generally recover

  • Damage may be worse on sandier soils or on less vigorous varieties

  • Yield penalty is rare except in cases where exposure rates have been very high


There is no treatment. Management options include spraying when the risk of drift is low, following instructions on the label very carefully, keeping accurate records, and optimising growing conditions to reduce stresses.

Links and Resources

DAFWA - Diagnosing group F herbicide damage

Information on group F herbicide damage, what to look for, what else could it be, and management strategies. Page last updated 2014.