Broad constraint resources are outlined in the Agronomists Toolkit. Specific constraint categories are listed below:


General herbicide damage

Links and Resources

AOF - Spray contamination to canola crops

5 page PDF. Abstract, sulfonylurea herbicides, symptoms, decontamination, residues, analysis of plant tissue, diagnosis, conclusion, and a case study.

PDF BCG - Residual herbicide

3 page PDF. Summary, background, methods, results, interpretation, visual damage score table, and notes on commercial practice.

File size: 85kb
DAFWA - Diagnosing contact herbicide damage

Introduction, herbicides, what to look for in paddock and plant, and what else it could be. Page last updated 2014.

File size: 85kb
DEPI VIC - Avoiding crop damage from residual herbicides

Herbicide issues, which herbicides are residual, how do herbicides break down, avoiding damage from residual herbicide, and specific information on group B,C,D, H, I, and K. Page last updated 2014. 

File size: 85kb
DPI NSW - Herbicide residues after drought

2 page PDF. Key points, herbicide carryover, herbicide breakdown, and herbicide carry-over assessment. Published 2006.

File size: 85kb
GRDC - Best Practice Management Guide. Herbicide damage

Page 44. Herbicide damage. Groups that canola is susceptible to, and management practices. Published 2009.

File size: 85kb
Pulse Australia.

4 page PDF. Introduction, residual herbicide implications, crop sensitivity, weed burden, herbicide efficacy, re-cropping intervals and guide-lines. Published 2007.

File size: 85kb