Abiotic in-crop constraints for wheat


Deep seeding

Constraint - Deep seeding


  • Reduced germination/plant vigour
  • Striped early leaf appearance
  • Effect may vary with soil type


  • Decreased crop density wiht potential yield impacts


Consider trade off between seeding depth and available germination moisture. Sowing deeper for available moisture may reduce emergence. Optimum seeding depth varies by soil type, moisture depth and soil temperature.

Links and Resources

DPI NSW - Deep seeding

Information on coleoptile length of wheat varieties, link to PDF that lists coleoptile length, factors that affect length, genetic variation, and information on testing methods. Published 2013.

GRDC - Crop Placement and Row Spacing Fact Sheet

6 page PDF. Key points. Effect on yield, soil moisture, weed competition, equipment, inter-row cropping, fertiliser, and options. Published 2011.