Abiotic in-crop constraints for wheat


Groups D J herbicide damage

Constraint – Group D/J herbicide damage


  • Reduced or poor seedling emergence
  • Shortening and thickening (Group D) of coleoptile so that emerging leaves are unable to reach the soil surface
  • Emerged shoots are often swollen and bright green (Group J), or have twisted and distorted leaves (Group D)
  • Roots are often short and thick with stubby or spade like tips


There are no treatment options, plants either die or completely recover. As a precaution, pray when environmental conditions are optimal, and avoid spray drift.

Links and Resources

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Introduction, what to look for on plant and in paddock, what else could it be, and treatment.

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Information on residual herbicide presence, which herbicides are residual, how herbicides break down, and avoidance methods. Page last updated 2013.