Abiotic in-crop constraints for wheat


Frost damage

Constraint - Frost damage


  • Flowers, heads and stems can be affected
  • Heads may have little or no grain fill, with bleached or shrivelled florets
  • Stems may appear twisted or bent, with a pale green/white 'collar' around the point of frosting
  • Flowers become sterilsed by a frost at flowering, and grain will not form
  • Anthers can appear white or dull brown, and are often bananna shaped


  • Wheat is most susceptible to frost from pre heading to flowering, therefore most damage occurs from spring frosts
  • A heavy frost when the crop is vulnerable can cause significant yield loss
  • A very severe freeze can cause yield losses of 60%


The best strategy to avoid frost damage by sowing recommended varieties at suitable times. Ensuring a range of flowering dates for crops minimizes the risk of major yield loss should a frost occur.

Links and Resources

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